Taking Good Care of your Lawn during Summer Time

If you really want a lawn that is perfect for relaxing and spending time with your loved ones on any available day in the week then you must turn your attention on how you are taking care of your lawn as a whole. We know that it is impossible to not make mistakes along the way of trying to improve your lawn but trust us, once you contact amazing people like lawn care cedar park and more like us, you can easily take care of it in the best possible way.


In the summer, it is already given that some plants do not work well with this season because every plant is special and they have their own characteristics and favored options. So if you are worried about your lawn in the summer time, scroll down for more things about taking care of your lawn during summer.

Summer is a very hot season. The temperature increases with the season which means that it could give stress to the plants on your lawn. On a very normal day of the year, the recommended height of water for your plants or grass is at least an inch. But, when the blazing heat of the season summer attacks, you need more for your grass and plants. You need to add more water to your supposed budget for the lawn so that you will be able to save your lawn from drying out. Instead of watering your plants once a week, do it twice now that it is summer because they need that extra water.

The water in the summer for your plants should be higher than an inch so that it can give your plant a chance to absorb all of that water in a hot weather. So for this concern, you can set up sprinkler systems if you do not want something to be worried about. You just have to schedule your sprinkler system so that it will automatically provide water or irrigation to all of the plants in your lawn or yard.

You should make sure that you are not mowing your grass too low because there is an effect when you do this. Experts say that it is better for you to keep your grasses a little bit long so that it would give the chance for your grass to grow better and become better. When the grasses are mowed very short, there will be a huge chance that many insects will live on the grass and these will kill them eventually especially when you do not take actions about this.

Just imagine the benefits of having longer grasses; more strength to hold on to water from your irrigation system and it will also block the sunlight so that it will not supply as food to the weeds that wants to grown near your grasses so that they can steal food and nutrition from them causing your plants to die and your lawn to look awful by the end of the day.

There are also great advantages when you hire specialists in the field of taking care of your lawn. There are many companies that can offer you these services. if you are a person who has very limited time for other things like taking care of the lawn, these professionals exists because of you.

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Tips For Keeping Your Grass Green

You can really tell by the look of it that a garden or a lawn is well taken cared of right? It looks like a carpet but with the color green because of the lush green grass that covers it. If you want your lawn to look something like that then you have tool learn some care tips on how to keep your grass green and to make your lawn more beautiful. There is a difference when you say that your garden is inhabited by plants and when you say that a garden that you have has healthy plants on it.


The simple things that you can do are to provide sunlight, water and fertilizer to grass. Those three are the most important things that are essential to the success of wanting to make your garden or your lawn more beautiful by having healthy green grasses covering the soil. We have things that you can do maintain this and to get you started in this wonderful plan you are about to realize.

Soil pH: The most important thing that you should do before anything else is to test the pH of your soil. You can easily buy kits in the market or you can tap the agricultural department of your city so that they can help you with it. You can begin by getting rid of all the unwanted weeds in your (make sure that you include their roots so that they won’t grow back). You can also dig up to five inches into your soil so that you can improve the draining capacity of your soil and to lessen the compacting of the dry soil. You can also help by adding loam and compost to take care of the soil.

Seeding: Sod is really expensive yet it is also a very quick way of beautifying your lawn. You will just have to roll out a mattress of sod and you will be good to go. But do not worry we are not letting you have the pricey option. Hydroseeding is also a good option and it is also affordable. Nowadays, this process is getting more popular to many people. This process is very useful in terms of having a balanced distribution of the seeds thus; it will create a more even lawn for you.

Cutting: The moment that you cut your grass very short, the roots will not develop well causing them not to be as beautiful as they can be. Many researchers and experts have proved that you should only cut the top part of the grass for better development of its roots. When the grass is longer it means that it is developing its roots well. Also, the taller your grasses are the more it will cover the rays of the sun that is causing the weeds to root near your grass carpet.

Water: The very rule that the experts want the people to realize is that they should only be watering their grasses once a week but make sure that they water it enough that they could live and become a greener one. There is a bug in your grass called chinch bugs which you do not want to have. These bugs exist when your lawn is dry. So, by watering it deep enough, you can avoid these pests to live in your grass which you are trying to maintain.

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Organic Tips for Taking Care of your Lawn

Do not panic! It’s Organic! We are glad to show to you different tips and tricks coming from the experts on how to take care of your lawn properly. We are sure that you eager to beautify your lawn especially when you want a place where you can relax on a beautiful Sunday morning with your family and friends. Also, your house will look better when the lawn is amazing.


Keep on reading this article to know more. Pick up the things that you are very interested about and do these things on your own so that you too can have a pretty garden!


If you often forget about your soil in your lawn then you must start thinking differently now because you have to have a good soil if you want to be a great organic person for your lawn. When your soil is very healthy, there is no reason for the plants or the grass to not grow beautifully. A healthy soil will fertilize your plants and promotes good health to them. When you use organic fertilizers, you are not just helping your plants to be healthy but also you are one or another saving our mother earth. Those chemical fertilizers are very dangerous because they can go to the different bodies of water and infect these beautiful waters making them a dangerous place for other organisms to live. In this issue, as you can notice, when you use chemical fertilizers, it will only do the world more harm than what good it can do to you or your lawn individually. You have to treat your soil as if it is alive.


You must conduct a soil test before you even buy fertilizers for your garden because they do not always match and when this happens, you will be wasting your money from buying something that you cannot use or something that is never going to promote better health for the plants. If you want to test your soil on your own, you can easily buy kits for this process. We are sure that there are stores that are offering these things to make it easier for you. You can also tap people from agriculture who can do the process for you, making it faster and easier.


Grasses, if you don’t know, are very different from each other just like the diversity in the human race. There are grasses who want to be soaked in the sun, some also likes to be in the shade, others do not want to be stepped on constantly and many could not survive drought. There are also grasses that can grow very long and there are those who remain short. So it is better to know first which grass would you like to have and if you are a very busy person make sure that you choose the one who does not need to constantly needing your attention that you obviously could not give because of your hectic schedule.

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